What does Transference Healing® create for you during challenging times?

Day to day, it stabilises my internal self and provides clarity, and I find I’m more focussed and less likely to feel scattered when a lot is going on around me. So this is useful.

I see things with greater understanding, and I’m able to deal with a crisis with a sense of calm and optimism or knowingness that everything will work out fine. I don’t get caught up in the drama like I used to. I’m also more gentle on myself, understanding where I am at on a given day and move through situations with more ease.

What’s your self-care ritual?

A 6.00 am Vinyasa Yoga Class.  I use yoga as one of my meditation practices and enjoy all the other benefits yoga provides.

I set my intention for the day.

Then a cup of coffee. Nothing better than a delicious cup of coffee.

At night, generally, I am running Transference Healing® energy on at least one family member in our house and myself, even if it’s just a couple of procedures.

What advice do you live by?

With our thoughts, we create the world!  Buddha

In essence, I watch the negative self talk, and when I catch myself, I reframe and affirm what I want to create.

What is Transference Healing® offering YOU right now that you couldn’t live without?

It’s given me tools that allow me to; stabilise daily, detach and remind me of the higher perspective in every given situation. It’s my spiritual tool that supports me on my path of enlightenment –the ability to self-heal and create a self resolution to attain higher consciousness and that I create and change my own reality.

I honestly couldn’t live without Transference Healing®.

What is your favourite part about sharing Transference Healing®?

To see the response in people, their ah-ha! moment, their whole body language changes when they realise how easy it is to follow and work with Transference Healing®.

Anyone can learn to do Transference Healing® and get the results they are looking for. The transformation people make for themselves is inspiring and brings me joy. This may sound over the top, but that’s how I’m left feeling. That’s why I keep teaching Transference Healing®.

What is the latest challenge your personal practice is bringing you?

Surrender to Divine Will, not my will. That’s a biggy! Work in progress.

Other than that, not trying to take control or take over someone else’s journey. Instead of saving people, allowing them their journey – there is no right or wrong way.

The most incredible wisdom comes from mistakes made, and that’s the journey – hey!  This principle helps me know that you empower others more by allowing them to take charge of their process.

What aspect of Transference Healing® are you most inspired by?

The purity of the frequency and how it has supported me to open my heart on a deeper level and the continuous unveiling of my true self. The more I experience this, the more comfortable I am in my skin—everything else births from opening up in the heart, knowing the self and living the true self.

Who have you studied under?

Alexis Cartwright – Channel and Founder of Transference Healing, who has to be one of the most amazing women I know. It’s incredibly humbling to be able to work with her.

I haven’t studied under the Dalai Lama – but his work influences me; I love his practical approach to often deep questions asked of him. I love that he laughs a lot and is comfortable having a joke, often at his own expense because he is humble.

And indeed, I’m influenced by different ancient and modern-day philosophers and lineage of spiritual teachings that explore consciousness, Alchemy, universal principles, and Laws of nature.

What were the most influential moments on your journey so far?

I was 30 years old and studying practical aspects of philosophers teachings when I realised that to evolve successfully and self master my ascension process, I have to;

– Be the observer of myself without judgement—a far healthier starting point.

– Let go of the old stories that don’t serve me.

– Meditate as often as possible.

– That we are all connected.

Then at 35, I found Transference Healing® which has become the most significant turning point in my spiritual growth. It’s so expansive energetically.

The two most influential aspects of this part of my journey have been:
• Understanding, working from deeper levels of the Heart Centre is Key to evolving spiritually.
• That we are indeed all connected which brings into focus the importance of the practise of universal love and compassion. We each can play our part in the global community, no matter how small we may feel it is, supporting the ascension of humanity.

And the importance of receptivity because enlightenment occurs in the body not just the mind. When we are receptive – we are saying to the universe we are open to change. To let go of something that no longer serves us. Old belief’s, patterns of behaviour, thoughts and feelings that are fear based. When we do this, we grow and transform into a new state of being.

Who most influences your teaching style and why?

Working from my inner knowing and working with the principles and the experiential practice of Transference Healing® leads everything I do.

Observing my own Life, what changes and how that feels, what I have learnt on my journey, influences how I communicate.

How and when did you first get into Transference Healing®?

In 2004 I was flicking through a free spiritual magazine and saw an advert for a Mass Healing in St Ives, a suburb of Sydney, with Alexis Cartwright the Channel for Transference Healing®.

I had no clue who she was or what she did, but seeing the Celtic Cross in the middle of a symbol in the advert, I knew I had to turn up. So I did and was blown away by an experience of a wave of energy rushing over me, transporting me to another plane filled with love and light. I had come home!

After that experience, there was no looking back. I signed up for all the courses available and started my spiritual journey on a whole new level!

What’s your mission?

To see every human on the planet empowered to heal themselves and realise the best version of themselves. Living Life as though Life is created by them!

Basically, living their best Life!

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