In the book Beyond Doorways, author Alexis Cartwright describes our Heart chakra as the conductor of our body, supporting our soul, physical, emotional, mental and consciousness to evolve.

Alexis teaches us that if we can heal our hearts, we have a key to healing our whole body. To do this, we have to surrender to spirit, purify our emotions and embrace forgiveness to dissolve pain.

This enables unconditional love to birth itself through the qualities of Hope (achieving lightness in our Heart) and embodiment of Faith (seeing the inherent goodness of life through the divinity of our journey).

Heart Mastery is a vital evolutionary key to our ascension.

Transference Healing is a key that supports the release and healing of old emotional pain and outdated belief systems that hold us in a lower vibration. Our negative thought patterns create restrictions and limitations, keeping us in a cycle where we cannot spiritually grow.  To enhance our intuition and come into a more enlightened state of being and reality, we need to let go of past hurts and emotional pain, shifting our perception and understanding to access the deeper chambers of our Heart, enabling our body and consciousness to evolve.

In Transference Healing®, we view the Heart Chakra on three levels – best described as The Three Chambers of the Heart.

On a practical level, how we can support our healing delegated by the heart chakra can be practised by:

  • looking after ourselves, nurturing our body, mind and soul, supporting general wellness,
  • engaging in nature, honouring mother earth experiencing the healing elements of the earth by connecting with nature and the goddess’s creative power,
  • observing our thoughts, are they uplifting and letting go of fear as it arises.

Elevating our thoughts and the way we feel brings peace and tenderness and a sense of self-love. We feel more balance in ourselves; we can engage with loved ones, friends and work colleagues from a place of love and a feeling of community.

When we put these things into practice, the first chamber of our Heart is more vibrant, resonating with the Green Ray.

As our emotions evolve and strengthen our connection to the universe, we awaken a deeper spiritual connection and perception of nature. The more we can hold a refined emotional state of being and consciousness, the more we can feel unconditional love. We open more to what gives us true direction, meaning and purpose, activating the second chamber of our Heart resonating the Pink Ray.

The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is forgiveness.

The ability to forgive the self, others and receive forgiveness from another stimulates the emotion of compassion. When we can do this, we know we are well on the path of self-healing and our journey of enlightenment. Attributes of forgiveness activate the third chamber of our Heart, resonating the Blue Ray.

As we evolve, the Heart chakra awakens a deeper spiritual connection and perception, providing the ability to heal in body and consciousness, allowing us to run our intellect and emotions to a higher level of consciousness in service to humanity.

These are the Teachings of Transference Healing®, providing you with the tools to heal the Heart.

Beyond Doorways – The Mysteries Revealed written by Alexis Cartwright, Channel and Founder of Transference Healing®, expands on this understanding and the importance of the heart chakra and technology of the three chambers of the Heart.

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Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

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