Harness your self-healing abilities and Master your life!

Training Program – Advanced Level
18 – 19 OCTOBER 2024

Self-Mastery is a journey of self-empowerment.

True empowerment comes from self-awareness, our ability to surrender and our receptivity to the Universe.

Learn how with the 2-day Advanced Level Training

‘When we surrender and connect to the universe, we align with who we truly are, why we are here on a soul level and how we harness our intuition and wisdom, contributing to the world, living life with purpose.’

Transference Healing® modality holds the purity and wisdom of the ancient Goddess teachings of Alchemy and Lightbody technology that will support your spiritual evolution.

Be touched by the divine frequencies during this training – experience first hand the huge shifts you will make on a much deeper level over the two days. Walk away empowered to take charge of life experiences.

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This course is for you if you…

–  Have been working on yourself either through self-study or studied with many teachers? …and still feel something is missing seeking spiritual growth, and you’re now looking for new ways to support yourself and loved ones – to heal, create harmony, joy – working with techniques that work.

–  Know you have a higher purpose and are seeking spiritual Truth … but not clear which direction to go, where things are heading, or how it will materialise. Left with a feeling that you had somewhere to be, but not knowing where that was.

–  Are an alternative therapist, Practitioner or spiritual teacher looking for the next frontier of healing modalities on the planet … looking to grow and expand your consciousness, supporting your Ascension Journey, and support your clients.

“There is so much content and information in the Training. I felt amazing after the Training. I’m a big advocate of Transference Healing and procedures. I can see myself doing this for years to come. Thank you.”

ELAINE CHALLENGER, Medical Centre Receptionist (Retired)

You will gain:

–  Tools to use every day for healing, supporting personal and spiritual acceleration
–  Tools that will create clarity in your life, empowering you to create positive change in your life
–  The tools that awaken latent gifts and talents
–  A stronger connection with your Higher Self, divinely aligning you with your life purpose

Friday 18 – Saturday 19 OCTOBER, 2024

IN PERSON:  Manly, Sydney  |   TIME:  10 am – 5 pm   |   FEE:  $3,400 AUD incl. GST


Two-day Workshop facilitated by Accredited Advanced Level Trainer, Laverne Proctor.

•  Comprehensive Reference Manual
•  Set of Master Christ Templates (valued at $580)
•  Five Platonic Solid Essences
•  Certificate of Completion signed by Alexis Cartwright

+ Bonuses

•  Free One Hour Q&A Zoom Chat, one month after workshop completion.

Ask Laverne any questions regarding Transference Healing® or working with the procedures.

• 1 Free mentor session with Laverne Proctor

Laverne has 17 plus years of experience working with Transference Healing and has supported hundreds of people over the years in pursuit of wellness and learning energy tools to support themselves.

You will learn:
– how to navigate the changes in your life
– key energy procedures to work with that are relevant to you
– gain a deeper understanding of what is going on for you

See your life shift rapidly in just one month… Priceless

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You will receive a $10 discount if you purchase the Animal Magic Book or Beyond Doorways Book when registering for the training.

BOOK YOUR PLACE in the Advanced program

*Please note, you need to complete Fundamentals Training before attending Advanced Level Training.
> Go to Fundamentals Training

This Training is all about lightbody technology and the embodiment of a new reality. Upon its completion, you will have the knowledge, confidence and energetic means to run a full Transference Healing® session on others.

  • Anchor cosmic frequencies to feel divine synchronicity and guidance in your everyday life.
  • Learn how to support yourself through higher initiations and the shifts occurring on our planet.
  • Work with ancient Mystery School teachings, while also anchoring and integrating your higher Future Self.

This two-day Training initiates a radical and rapid purification process. Through it, you come to identify and integrate higher initiations that resonate through the Creative Principle. This is a profound opportunity to work with ancient Mystery School teachings, while also anchoring and integrating you higher, Future Self. Change and transformation take place on the cellular level of your anatomy as you integrate sixth-dimensional frequencies and work with your divine Christ body.

This is what Advanced Training is all about; Lightbody technology and the embodiment of a new reality that is in alignment with your soul self.

Working with the energy and teachings of Ascended Master Metatron and Melchizedek – integrated with Enochian technology – this Training will initiate a new way of being. Throughout the two days you are supported to master the embodiment of your Higher Self while co-creating a reality of the next Golden Age.

You will learn to work with the 22-strand DNA system, the central nervous system and the electromagnetic body. This will support you to integrate with your light body system so your body and consciousness can preventively care against the manifestation of light body symptoms. When you integrate with your light body you enter a state of greater ease and creativity, becoming a beacon of light that supports global consciousness shifts.

You may reschedule your enrolment at no charge if you provide 21 days written notice before the live event.

Your payment can be transferred to a future date or applied to a different workshop or training.

The next Introduction Workshop is planned for 11 – 12 November, 2022

Please email me at laverne@chironspectra.com and I will let you know when the bookings for November are open.