Q&A with Laverne Proctor

What does Transference Healing® create for you during challenging times? Day to day, it stabilises my internal self and provides clarity, and I find I'm more focussed and less likely to feel scattered when a lot is going on around me. So this is useful. I see things with greater [...]

Spirituality in the 21st Century!

Whatever landscape you live in, your experiences, trials and tribulations, your belief system or religious lineage - if any – when you appreciate that true Spirituality is universal, beyond religion, politics and gender and principally teaches us forgiveness, hope, unconditional love and compassion on our journey of enlightenment, any barriers [...]

A Practical Path of Enlightenment

Transference Healing® supports all physiological, energetic and spiritual changes necessary for us to evolve into higher levels of consciousness, a medium through which enlightenment are not only attained but fully embodied. Transference Healing® is a practice for divine connection as well as healing and ascension. Our spiritual ascension for the [...]

Power Up Your Heart – The Key to Self-mastery!

In the book Beyond Doorways, author Alexis Cartwright describes our Heart chakra as the conductor of our body, supporting our soul, physical, emotional, mental and consciousness to evolve.Alexis teaches us that if we can heal our hearts, we have a key to healing our whole body. To do this, we have [...]

What I know about Transference Healing®

When people learn more about Transference Healing, they realise how comprehensive it is as a healing modality that may not be obvious when first discovered. When asked about what Transference Healing is and does, depending on who I am talking to will depend on what aspect of Transference Healing I [...]

A Mind That Is More Kind

Meditation is an essential ingredient in spiritual growth and providing food for the mind. Meditation is a 21st century buzzword found everywhere. So what makes this article different? First, a few words from the wise Swami Paramananda:   "Even on the little things, the practice of Meditation helps [...]

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