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Training Program – Fundamentals
 Thursday 3rd – Saturday 5th OCTOBER 2024

Enjoy creating results that are powerful and fast.

The new era of healing has begun!

Become part of the revolution with a new way of healing the Self.

Empower yourself – self-direct transformation from within!

Transference Healing® modality holds the purity and wisdom of the ancient Goddess teachings of Alchemy and Lightbody technology that will support your personal and spiritual evolution.

Be touched by the divine frequencies during this training – experience first hand the huge shifts you will make on a much deeper level over the three days. Walk away empowered to take charge of life experiences.

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This course is for you if you…

–  Have been working on yourself either through self-study or studied with many teachers? …and still feel something is missing seeking spiritual growth, and you’re now looking for new ways to support yourself and loved ones – to heal, create harmony, joy – working with techniques that work.

–  Know you have a higher purpose and are seeking spiritual Truth … but not clear which direction to go, where things are heading, or how it will materialise. Left with a feeling that you had somewhere to be, but not knowing where that was.

–  Are an alternative therapist, Practitioner or spiritual teacher looking for the next frontier of healing modalities on the planet … looking to grow and expand your consciousness, supporting your Ascension Journey, and support your clients.

You will gain:
  • Tools to use every day for healing, supporting personal and spiritual acceleration
  • Tools that will create clarity, empowering you to create positive change in your life
  • The tools that awaken latent gifts and talents
  • A stronger connection with your Higher Self, divinely aligning you with your life purpose
“Fundamental Training was inspiring, uplifting and empowering – it’s an amazing and approachable way to access truly life-changing information, weaving it into your reality simultaneously as you make the shifts yourself.”


Accelerate your personal and spiritual growth! Transference Healing® is a Key

Transference Healing® techniques tools will bring healing and massive shifts within yourself, loved ones, or Clients. They will support you to work through feelings of limitation, left feeling excited to test out this powerful healing modality, gaining a sense of self in the ‘real world’.

You will gain the tools to
–  Shift and expand your perception rapidly by lifting your vibration, gaining clarity to make positive changes in your life, healing your inner world.

–  Move through your Ascension Journey without struggle. Hold your sense of self in life circumstances, clear trauma or pain from the past and self-manage your processes with greater ease and grace.

–  Consolidate your spiritual knowledge and understanding and create more profound healing through Alchemy.

By the end of the Training you will
–  Feel Confident to self Heal and clear how to run each procedure
–  Feel empowered to take the lead on your healing process and how each procedure supports this process
–  Gain the know-how to create positive change when a symptom or circumstance rises, with the clarity to make self-directed change

Thursday 3rd – Saturday 5th OCTOBER, 2024

IN PERSON: Manly, Sydney   |   TIME:  10 am – 5 pm   |   FEE: $3,400 AUD incl. GST


Three-day Workshop facilitated by Accredited Advanced Level Trainer, Laverne Proctor
•  Comprehensive Reference Manual
•  Lightbody Essence Reference Book
•  8 colour templates used with specific procedures
•  77 Mother Tincture Essences in a wooden display box
•  CD channelled Background to Transference Healing by Alexis Cartwright.
•  Certificate of Completion signed by Alexis Cartwright

+ Bonuses

• Free One Hour Q&A Session via Zoom

Held one month after workshop completion. Ask any questions regarding Transference Healing® or working with the procedures.

• 5 extra printed copies of the Transformation Record Sheet

• 1 Free Mentor Session with Laverne Proctor

Laverne has 17 plus years of experience working with Transference Healing and has supported hundreds of people over the years in pursuit of wellness and learning energy tools to support themselves.

You will learn:
– how to navigate the changes in your life
– key energy procedures to work with that are relevant to you
– gain a deeper understanding of what is going on for you

See your life shift rapidly in just one month… Priceless

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You will receive a $10 discount if you purchase the Animal Magic Book or Beyond Doorways Book when you are registering for the training.

Fundamentals is a part of the principal trainings that teach you how to run the Transference Healing energy and frequency.

In this workshop, you will receive the knowledge and tools to unearth your self-healing abilities, manifest your gifts and talents, embody a higher state of being, and align your reality with your spiritual path.

Whether you want to learn Transference Healing® to support your family unit or build a business that enables you to live your spirituality every day of your life, these trainings provide the tools you need to commit to your empowerment journey.

They can be attended by anyone who wants to learn how to run Transference Healing® on themselves or others.

  • Learn practical, energetic procedures that empower you to heal yourself and your loved ones.
  • Learn how to lift your frequency, clear past pain and gain clarity around ongoing concerns.
  • Learn how to channel the Transference Healing® frequencies to break down resistance and limitation so that you can manifest reality in alignment with your Higher Self.

Yes, you will required to refer to these books during the Training.

If you don’t already have a copy, you can purchase the books on this website.

If you make your purchase while you are registering for the training, you will receive a $10 discount. 

You may reschedule your enrolment at no charge if you provide 21 days written notice before the live event.

Your payment can be transferred to a future date or applied to a different workshop or training.

The next Fundamentals Training Program is planned for 4 – 6 November, 2022

Please email me at and I will let you know when the bookings for November are open.


3 – 5  OCTOBER 2024

$3,400 AUD incl GST per person