Whatever landscape you live in, your experiences, trials and tribulations, your belief system or religious lineage – if any – when you appreciate that true Spirituality is universal, beyond religion, politics and gender and principally teaches us forgiveness, hope, unconditional love and compassion on our journey of enlightenment, any barriers we might have toward spirituality drop away.

The more profound experience of Spirituality takes us on a journey to evolve and grow through life experiences in mind, body, soul and spirit. It attracts seekers searching for truth, understanding the divinity of life, and what we are here on Earth to learn by reconnecting to the universe (spirit) and experiencing our connection with Earth. It teaches how to align with our life path as we awaken and become conscious, unify in a state of being, discovering our role as part of the whole.

The primary goal is Spiritual ascension.

There are many ways to express Spirituality. Acts of kindness are the best expression of Spirituality – because they are often spontaneous and unconditional. When I see someone helping an older person across the street or the gesture of a smile or kind word to a stranger, this not only leaves me feeling warm inside, affirming we all sense our connection – in some small way. I feel optimistic that Spirituality is alive and well in the heart of humanity.

Many people don’t see themselves as spiritual per se, but from my personal experience, they are often the people that live what Spirituality teaches and have embodied it the most.

To me, the foundation from which spirituality births is from simple acts of kindness. Kindness shows that we act from our heart and feel compassion, and consciously or unconsciously, we see ourselves in another and are connected.

I love being in nature. As I go about my business of living in this 21st Century, I notice so many people worldwide do too. Whether it’s just experiencing nature through being in the garden or going on nature walks. Or consciously connecting with nature and actively conserving nature and wildlife as a profession are all attributes of Spirituality because there is a recognition of our connection with mother nature, Gaia and the Earth.

Many people love and practise meditation, yoga, running energy, visiting or preserving sacred sites or similar practices. You may identify with one or more of these; there may be others I haven’t mentioned; essentially, Spirituality takes many forms. The most traditional form of Spirituality is when the universal teaching of forgiveness, unconditional love, and compassion leads the way within a church, basilica mosque, temple community, or similar.

But what ties us together is one common thread not seen as synonymous with Spirituality. We all want to be happy, healthy, want to care, be cared for, want loving relationships with equality, and want love, peace, joy and purpose.

Overarching all of this is we want Balance;

  • When Balance is experienced in our body, we call this health and wellness,
  • When Balance is experienced in our mind, we call this peace and joy,
  • When Balance is experienced in our emotions, we call this love and compassion,
  • When Balance is experienced in our energy and consciousness, we call this blissfulness and ecstasy,
  • When Balance is experienced in the World around us, and our connection to it, we call this unity.

Balance in the energy systems of the body, plays a central role in the practice of Transference Healing. In this context, the goal of balance is to unify within, balancing the mind, body, soul and spirit. And working with the feminine and the masculine aspects of self in equal measure, developing a state of androgyny. When we achieve this all attributes outlined above can be mastered.

The thread that supports each of these roads that leads to Spirituality – in the 21st Century is finding Balance. Recognising – that you are spiritual in essence – Living in the 21st Century. The World would change rapidly – for the better. If we work from this premise, it seems a reasonable hypothesis that may gain support and a declaration where we can bring the people of the World to unify to one cause – Balance.

No matter the path you tread, whether it be living your life through acts of kindness, working in service to the greater community, or working consciously with spiritual practises, or in communion in a place of worship or sacred site that brings you peace. If you see yourself as spiritual or not, finding what creates Balance in your own life leads you on a path of Spirituality In the 21st Century.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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