Realign your energy.
Learn how to reset and recharge with six powerful Transference Healing® Procedures that you can run in under 10 minutes.


Introduction to Transference Healing®


This mini-webinar is a great introduction to the concepts and techniques learned in the the one day workshops.

Next Date Available: To be announced shortly.
An excellent overview of Transference Healing® Energetic Modality with Laverne Proctor.

In this introductory session, you will discover the background of Transference Healing®, what makes it different and why the anchoring of Transference Healing® is now so relevant.

You will receive an imprint of the technology behind Transference Healing® and learn six Beyond Doorways procedures referenced in The Beyond Doorways – The Mysteries Revealed book by Author and Channel Alexis Cartwright.

You will experience Transference Healing® energy first-hand.

  • Learn high-impact energetic techniques and have the confidence to run six energy procedures on yourself

This session will give you a great understanding of Transference Healing® and how you can work with it in your own life.

Available soon – 2023

DELIVERED ONLINE | TIME: To Be Announced Shortly | FREE


• 1 hour Session
facilitated by accredited Teacher Laverne Proctor

Learn six procedures
download and listen to any time

+ Bonuses

• Free One Hour Q&A Zoom Chat. Book a call with Laverne post-webinar.

Ask Laverne any questions regarding Transference Healing®.

Invite to a Sacred Circle of Fire Ceremony Experience

Join one of the monthly ceremonies conducted by Laverne and experience this sacred shamanic ceremony – for FREE. Receive the recording and listen back to it in your spare time.

These beautiful ancient shamanic ceremonies provide a unique way to clear your energy on all levels creating a deep cleansing and removing heavy energy, and severing negative energetic cords that have left you feeling drained, exhausted or stuck. The Sacred Circle of Fire Ceremony leaves you feeling uplifted and clear. You will experience a feeling of renewal with a way forward and a readiness to take on another day.

+ Shop Discount

You will receive a $10 discount if you purchase the Animal Magic Book or Beyond Doorways Book when registering for the webinar.
NB This optional offer is not required to participate in this introductory webinar.

Anyone can learn Transference Healing®. It has been designed with simple easy to follow procedures and tools where you can expect to experience results fast by just following the guidelines.

No. There is no requirement to purchase the Beyond Doorways book for participating in the 2 hour event.

You will receive a $10 discount if you purchase the Animal Magic Book or Beyond Doorways Book when you are registering for the webinar.

Yes.  The Livestream Session will be recorded and made available to you.

You may reschedule your enrolment for no charge if you provide 21 days written notice before the live event.

Your payment can be transferred to a future date or applied to a different workshop or Training.

Alternatively, you can receive the live event recording within 48 hours after the event which will contain all the content covered.

Plus, you will receive a recording of the six procedures in a meditation format to download and listen to any time.

The next Introduction Workshop is planned for Tuesday 26 July, 2022

Please email me at and I will let you know when the bookings for July are open.


Available shortly – 2023