When people learn more about Transference Healing, they realise how comprehensive it is as a healing modality that may not be obvious when first discovered.

When asked about what Transference Healing is and does, depending on who I am talking to will depend on what aspect of Transference Healing I find myself talking to. Even today, it’s hard to encapsulate what it is in a couple of sentences; without giving the impression that it’s the same as another energetic modality. That wouldn’t be doing it justice.

So I will tell you what I know about Transference Healing, based on my personal experience working with it and how it has helped me.

I have to start by saying it is the most beautiful pure frequency I’ve ever experienced.  When I look back over the last 16 years on how it has helped me, the most poignant things that come to mind include the following:

As energetic systems go, It’s taught me a lot about energy. Teaching me how to notice energy at play in my life. And in terms of my development, what I’m moving through for growth to occur. It highlights the opportunities presented in every given experience or situation, supporting my understanding—providing beautiful insights into daily life and what is happening in my world, whilst giving me clarity on the world around me.

It shows me common themes that show up for me, demonstrating helpful information about what I need to work on, providing valid messages and new cycles of what I am moving through, with the level of accuracy that speaks for itself.  But there is always a purity that comes with it, that is unconditional, that leaves me feeling filled with love and peace and a new sense of knowing—providing signposts that support me to move forward and what direction to take.

I love the fact that it clears old energetic debris, opening up my energy fields creating a clear path of opportunity to unfold, where previously I may have felt limited or restricted, unable to move forward. And when I clear stuck energy, it lifts my energy levels and creates an expansiveness that feels inspiring and motivating.  It always brings me back to what is essential and what to focus on so that I can apply what I learn realistically and see a path that I couldn’t see before bringing in the resources and opportunities that were unseen, where suddenly things fall into place

So, Transference Healing provides me with all the essential tools to support my body and daily management of my energies. It shows me what I am responsible for and takes care of what I am not responsible for—enabling me to clear energies, detach from situations and reminds me to respond from a Higher awareness and higher understanding of what is playing out in my life. Transference Healing moves me through a process, and when I am ready to make progress, whether to get something started or completed if I didn’t have time for or wasn’t ready to focus on, it shifts me into gear. And when I don’t do this it creates circumstances that reflect an opportunity for me to learn something about myself, a chance to change a pattern of behaviour, or outdated belief that doesn’t support my personal or spiritual growth.

Sometimes it’s harder to see your growth, but Transference Healing always shows tangible improvements, or something will show up that demonstrates it is working.

You do become passionate about your Ascension and Spiritual growth as you see yourself evolve. I have grown so much, and I feel I am a far better human being today and feel and think differently in how I respond to situations in my life and with people. Every aspect of my life has got better, and any feelings of struggle have gone.

So Transference Healing has not only fuelled my personal and spiritual growth, with a general sense of optimism. It’s got me on track to understand what’s calling to me, get clear on my path, my future, where I’m going, and how to apply myself realistically – seeing a way forward in all aspects of my life that I couldn’t see before.

I find Transference Healing frequency very inspiring and supports me; I’m now aligned with what I want, motivating myself, setting intentions, and taking action towards my life goals.

Transference Healing pushes me to be honest with myself; it teaches me to be mindful of my energy and how it impacts others.  It’s a very supportive frequency; everyone I have ever worked with has walked away energetically feeling uplifted, clear, light with understanding what is playing out and walking away with tools to move through situations, circumstances, or experiences.

But you have to stick with it, move through what comes up for you, be compassionate towards yourself, see the results, the payoff, reaping the fruits of true transformation, spiritual expansion and growth.  I always say, expect to see changes quickly.

Transference Healing has built my spiritual knowledge and understanding; it has given me a level of universal wisdom, strengthening my connection to the universe, the cosmos, and Planet Earth. It’s allowed me to share what I have learnt first-hand in my life. I  love showing others how to tap into the higher perspective and understand what’s going on for them.  Things make more sense when you can look at situations in this way.

There’s a lot to know about Transference Healing because it connects to many modalities and lineage of comprehensive teachings.

My final words on Transference Healing are that it has created new possibilities and new visions of myself. I don’t believe I would have naturally arrived at in this lifetime had I not found Transference Healing. Initially, my pursuit of spirituality was to find authentic peace, joy and love, which remain the foundation of my life.  Transference Healing set me on a new course: at first, to heal myself, and now to help others empower themselves to self-heal, make a self-directed change, and self master working with powerful tools – Transference Healing.

The sages, mystics and ascended masters of the past, stretching for thousands of years, who consciously walked the path of Ascension, all studied the process of ‘Transference’  because they knew it was a key to their evolution.  Embedded within Transference Healing is the sacred technology of  ‘Transference’, giving it a lot of creditability because it’s ancient, works, and creates genuine transformational change.

The driving force behind Transference Healing strengthens my direct connection to source (spirit), and it reveals to me – who I Am – it teaches me to know thyself – the good bits and the bits that need refinement, whilst still feeling supported.  It has strengthened my Faith, Faith that there is a Divine Plan in play and that I have an opportunity to contribute. As part of my 17-year journey with Transference Healing, so far, I have learnt much about the universal energies at play and feel optimistic about our future. Once everything settles down, everything is going to be okay.

As an Advanced Level Teacher of Transference Healing and Level 5 Mystery School graduate, I help others join the dots in their spiritual journey. And as they uncover their missing jigsaw pieces to their understanding, I support their spiritual empowerment and Ascension process so that they too can create self-directed change.

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