What is Transference Healing®?

“When you connect with your divinity, you readily embrace and come into alignment with what you were born to do – Transference Healing is a Key”.  Laverne Proctor

What is Transference Healing®?

“When you connect with your divinity, you readily embrace and come into alignment with what you were born to do – Transference Healing is a Key”.  Laverne Proctor 

At a glance…

Transference Healing® is first and foremost a high-frequency ascension modality that taps into universal Technology of Light, Crystals and Geometry by working with energetic procedures.

It is the leading edge in an energy healing approach that creates deep Healing and acceleration in your personal and spiritual growth.

If you are curious about how you can apply an energy system in your life, no matter what your profession or field of work Transference Healing® provides energetic tools laid out in a practical, grounded and accessible way.

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If you are an Alternative Therapist, Practitioner or Spiritual Teacher, wanting to go deeper with your holistic practice to get results. And looking to support your client base on a soul level of their evolution, creating more rapid changes; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, nothing compares to Transference Healing®.

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Taking a closer look…

Transference Healing® teaches how to look beyond the surface and, if you are willing, delve deeper for answers to achieve clarity in your life. Transference Healing® will support you through anything that is creating disharmony.

Are you going through a spiritual awakening or seeking to take your next step in your spiritual journey?

Transference Healing® supports you to come into alignment with your Higher Self, and by doing so, make changes for your highest good, allowing the synchronicity of your life to flow.

No matter your level of spiritual understanding, Transference Healing® will work for you; you just need to be open and receptive and surrender to the deeply calming, peaceful, energetic process.


Why choose Transference Healing®?

Transference Healing® supports you through the naturally occurring changes on the planet and within humanity, helping your ascension process at this time. The world is rapidly changing, and whilst there is a great upheaval for many, it is also a time of profound opportunity.

When you work with Transference Healing®, you receive deep divination of what is going on for you within the body – gaining a reading that highlights your inner world and your external world. As a result, you get clear and, with clarity, make positive changes in yourself and your life.

Transference Healing® is unique because:


Transference Healing® creates rapid changes and growth:

You are accessing genuinely life-changing Technology of light, weaving it into body and your reality simultaneously.

Transference Healing® stabilises you through the changes playing out in your life (health, personal, professional or spiritual). Helping to maintain balance, good health and wellbeing, initiating the first step of your self-mastery – healing-the-Self through Alchemy and Lightbody Technology. It naturally aligns you to your spiritual path, awakening latent gifts.


Transference Healing® releases deeply held unresolved feelings

Transference Healing® tunes in to the subconscious level of the body, releasing deeply held unresolved issues and feelings that you struggle to clear, that have held you in a pattern of behaviour or a constant cycle replaying a story in your mind. As circumstances come up to clear, Transference Healing® moves you through the process faster, which may have otherwise have taken years or a lifetime enabling you to grow and evolve.


Transference Healing® creates a multi-dimensional healing

Transference Healing® works multi-dimensionally, simultaneously creating a healing impact on all four planes of your body, mind, soul and spirit, clearing all kinds of symptoms and issues while supporting the changes within your Blueprint.


Transference Healing® teaches you how to embrace the ancient wisdom from Goddess teachings

Transference Healing® taps into Ancient Wisdom, connecting you to the Goddess’s principles, properties, and healing powers. As you heal and awaken through the Heart, you evolve in body and consciousness entering into higher states of consciousness manifesting your new reality.


Transference Healing® creates heart-level Healing

The Heart is the Doorway into spiritual growth and psychic development process. Transference Healing® enables you to go deep within the patterning and create an in-depth genetic, holistic, and transformational healing process, supporting your emotions to heal and evolve, orchestrating your soul growth, enhancing your spiritual evolutionary process.


Transference Healing® supporting your journey of enlightenment

Transference Healing® supports you to create a direct connection to source and universal knowledge and provides the practises and tools to orchestrate the art of self-Healing and Ascension in support of enlightenment.


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“I was looking for a modality that could help me relieve the stress, and anxiety that I was experiencing. I saw first-hand how Laverne working with Transference Healing, supported my mother through a health crisis; I had the utmost trust and faith in Laverne. I walk out of every session feeling positive towards life. It gave me the confidence to explore outside my comfort zone, removing the obstacle of anxiety around getting on a plane. I finally got on a plane to Uluru for my 40th, which was a lifechanging experience.”

SIMONE DIGNEY, Real Estate Director


Transference Healing supports thousands of spiritual initiates globally in fast-tracking their Ascension processes.

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Laverne Proctor is an accredited Level 5 Mystery School Graduate and Advanced Level Teacher for the principal training and ALL one-day workshops.

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