Chiron Spectra Programs
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Learn tools to assist you to Grow, Connect and Discover your True Self– manifesting a life you want to live!

“When you work from the premise that you can heal the self, you begin to view yourself differently. But to create transformation, you need to work beyond surface-level therapies and tap into the body’s energetic systems.”  Laverne 

If you are
–  looking to find creative flow with new found momentum from stagnation
–  wanting to tap into your spiritual roots, to embrace spiritual gifts and awaken untapped potential
–  a practitioner or teacher expanding your practice with the need to go deeper with your holistic approach to getting results…

You’re in the right place.

Chiron Spectra teaches Transference Healing®, the Universal Teachings of Alchemy, Lightbody Technology and the Ascension Process, connecting you directly to Source (Spirit).

You will learn self-healing procedures, tools and techniques to draw upon the transformative powers of alchemy within the body and Lightbody for divine healing.

Chiron Spectra Programs at a glance…

Join Webinar

Why Transference Healing is now so relevant!

In this 1 hour Introductory Webinar, learn more about Transference Healing®, what makes it different and why it is so relevant and needed today.

Walk away with some energetic tools to work with daily.

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Animal Magic Workshop

This one day Workshop facilitated by accredited teacher Laverne Proctor, provides you with another way to pull in the elements and frequencies of Gaia connecting you to the mother earth. Learn how to sustain the body, to heal, resource and rejuvenate, while gaining a deeper appreciation of an aspect of Transference Healing® energetic modality.

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Beyond Doorways Level 1 Workshop

You will learn in this one day workshop a whole new way to maintain inner harmony – giving you the ability to re-stabilise when you’re not feeling your best. It shifts heaviness in the body and mind, creating a rapid feeling of renewed energy and emotionally centred with a clear mind. Whatever was bothering you drops away.

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“I was working in a very busy, unfulfilling job, feeling lost. Transference Healing gave me the tools to empower myself, with a stronger sense of self-worth, with more energy and joy. I now see opportunities in my life more clearly. I’m now working more with my innate intuition and wisdom with others.”

JOANNE FELSMAN, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Massage Therapist

Fundamentals Training

Empower Yourself – Self-Direct Transformation from Within

If you have been working on yourself either through self-study or studied with many teachers… and still feel something is missing seeking spiritual growth, and you’re now looking for new ways to support yourself and loved ones – to heal, create harmony, joy – working with techniques that work.

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Advanced Level Training

Harness your Self-Healing Abilities and Self Master

If you are an Alternative Therapist, Practitioner or Spiritual Teacher, wanting to go deeper with your holistic practice to support your clients to create more rapid changes – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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Laverne Proctor is an accredited Level 5 Mystery School Graduate and Advanced Level Teacher for the principal training and ALL one-day workshops.

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