Transference Healing® supports all physiological, energetic and spiritual changes necessary for us to evolve into higher levels of consciousness, a medium through which enlightenment are not only attained but fully embodied.

Transference Healing® is a practice for divine connection as well as healing and ascension.

Our spiritual ascension for the attainment of enlightenment not only needs to occur in our mind; it needs to happen in the body and is why I practice Transference Healing®. 

In Transference Healing®, we have many meditation practices, invocations, gridding procedures in the higher teachings, alongside energetic processes that support the shifts into higher consciousness through the body. 

Parallel to the energetic procedures, we seek to master; self-awareness, learning to know-thy-self, find inner Truth, and operate from non-judgement. Recognising how old habits, patterns of behaviour, and painful emotions held deep within can play out daily. It offers an initiate of Transference Healing® an opportunity to clear and evolve emotionally working with energetic tools designed to support and accelerate your ascension process in the moment.

As we clear old pain, we experience more of our true essence of self. Where you are on the spectrum of personal or spiritual growth, we all need to work on ourselves and do the internal work. Being comfortable with this fact is an integral part of the practice of Transference Healing® and spiritually evolving.

Self Awareness

There are times when I feel unhappy, angry, frustrated, irritated, impatient, sombre, or judgemental. But when I recognise that external events trigger these emotions, it’s essential to identify that it’s more about me and what I’ve been holding onto within when emotions arise.

So in Transference Healing®, we are encouraged to be conscious of rising emotions.

And to catch it when it awakens – understanding what triggered the emotion to arise. When I observe my mind and my feelings, I’m learning about myself, and I’m learning to know-thy-self.

When I can observe my emotion or feeling without judgment – I’m less likely to react—becoming receptive to understanding what it reveals to me and invariably, an old painful memory from the past. When I catch it in the moment – I can diffuse it.

As I continue to practice this, I can break down the source of this emotion and resolve its intensity over time. I work on this consciously by running Transference Healing® energetic procedures on myself. I can effectively clear the emotional responses influenced by old perceptions of myself and deeply held karmic pain can be cleared within my subconscious mind that filters into my conscious mind when an event triggers an emotional response.

Know thy self

By breaking down how I identify with my subconscious pain from an external experience, I begin to operate more in the present and from higher levels of consciousness.

As I break down old thought patterns, I also resolve feelings of judgement towards myself or another.

The more I do this, the more I dissolve subconscious pain. As a result, I accelerate my ascension into a more spiritually enlightened state of being.

Knowing-thy-self simply means if you know yourself well enough, you know how you might respond if you put yourself in certain situations.

So! the key to understanding thyself is to consciously stay aware, observing the self and intentionally making a different decision when triggered. When I purposely do this, I’m essentially withdrawing my attention from the past and the future, breaking free from old patterns and responses and allowing myself to connect to the moment and respond from a fresh standing point.

The benefit of working through your emotions, ego and intent, is that you begin to naturally tap into higher states of consciousness and awaken your gifts of the psyche – reconnecting you to universal knowledge of the cosmos and the earth.

Inner Truth and non-judgement

Expressing your Truth from a place of non-judgement is achieved the more you clear old patterns of behaviour, old beliefs that do not serve a purpose—operating with the intention never to hurt another by word or deed. As a result, you are more able to speak your Truth.

It’s vital to remain conscious of the ego and remember what we perceive in others is often a reflection of an aspect of ourselves. The way to work through possible illusions is to observe what you are feeling and your reactions to a situation to understand and see the situation more clearly.

There is always a universal understanding and a revelation when viewed from a higher consciousness. The learning may be to be conscious of what to say or not to say to another. Although you cannot control another’s level of perception and understanding in response to you, if you stand in Truth, without judgement and a place of pure intent, speak from your heart, you will make a shift in consciousness and take the next step in your evolution.

Another healthy perspective is when you perceive what you can see in others as a reflection of yourself or your old self. You begin to see every situation as a gift. Whether a universal lesson or a revelation. When circumstances play out in our lives, we have the opportunity to make a shift in consciousness and take the next step in our evolutionary process.

Transference Healing® energetic procedures create a shift within the subatomic level of the body, supporting a profound healing response. When worked in this way, you accelerate your ascension process, creating an opportunity for profound shifts in consciousness.

These are the teachings of Transference Healing® Channel and Founder, Alexis Cartwright.

Key takeaway

A practical approach to building your spiritual practice is through: self-awareness, knowing-thy-self, living your Truth from a place of non-judgement. Coupled with Transference Healing® tools in your back pocket – you are empowered to make a self-directed change and live life the way you want to experience it on your path of enlightenment.

But remembering, if you fall 100 times or more in the day – what does it matter? For a committed initiate, there is no such thing as failure. If you fall 100 times, there are 100 opportunities for learning.

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